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English information


General practice Boschdijk works district-oriented. That is why we only accept patiënts from limitid number of postcode areas.

We would therefore like to ask you to register with a general practitioner in your neighborhood.

After registration you will receive a confirmation of registration  or rejection from us.

We aim to complete your registration within 14 days or to let you know how long the waiting list is.


If you would like to register:  Send us an e-mail stating your zip code to:  info@mcboschdijk.nl

We will send you a form in English.



GP’s and assistants


08.00  a.m. – 10.00  a.m. To make an appointment the same day
11.00   a.m. – 12.00   a.m. Lab results
14.00  p.m. – 16.30   p.m. Questions and lab results
08.00  a.m. – 10.00  a.m. Request for house calls will be discussed with the docter first
08.00  a.m. –  17.00  p.m. Dial 1 or emergency situations
Out of office emergency Huisartsenpost    088-87 65 151